Equality Long Island

Working to achieve full equality for LGBT people in every town, village, and county across Long Island

Community Education

Equality Long Island will work to inform the public of the critical, often discriminatory and forgotten issues facing the LGBT community, and educate our political leaders on solutions to these problems.


Equality Long Island works with elected officials and candidates at all levels of government to ensure that the voices of the LGBT community are being heard, and that issues important to the community are being addressed.

Candidate Endorsements

Equality Long Island endorses candidates for public office who are supportive of the organization’s public policy agenda to help increase the number of allies in government, and to hold opponents accountable.

Our Mission

Equality Long Island (EQLI) is working to achieve full equality for LGBT people in every town, village, and county across Long Island, through education and advocacy at all levels of government.

Who we are

EQLI is the 501(c)(4) arm of the LGBT Network, an organization that is a home and voice for LGBT people, their families, and support systems on Long Island and in Queens.

What we do

As a non-partisan organization, EQLI provides the Long Island community with new and unique opportunities to get involved with public policy and government officials through community education, grassroots organizing, and legislative advocacy and lobbying.  Our annual candidate endorsements help LGBT and allied voters to choose candidates that support issues important to the community.

2017 Candidate Endorsements

The following candidates have demonstrated support for our agenda and goals and have shown to be allies and friends of the LGBT community.  We take our endorsement process seriously and when we decide on our endorsements, we must be confident that our candidates will stand with EQLI for equality.  

Laura Curran

Nassau County Executive

Jack Schnirman

Nassau County Comptroller

Dean Bennett

Nassau County Clerk

Debra Mulé

Nassau County Legislature, 5th District

Karen Blitz

Nassau County Legislature, 7th District

Ellen Birnbaum

Nassau County Legislature, 10th District

Eileen Napolitano

Nassau County Legislature, 13th District

Michael Sheridan

Nassau County Legislature, 15th District

Arnie Drucker

Nassau County Legislature, 16th District

Rae Arora

Nassau County Legislature, 17th District

Joshua Lafazan

Nassau County Legislature, 18th District

Jeff Gold

Nassau County Legislature, 19th District

Marc Herman

Oyster Bay Town Supervisor

Bob Freier

Oyster Bay Town Council

Eva Pearson

Oyster Bay Town Council

Laura Gillen

Hempstead Town Supervisor

Sylvia Cabana

Hempstead Town Clerk

Dorothy Goosby

Hempstead Town Council, District 1

Douglas P. Mayer

Hempstead Town Council, District 4

Sue Moller

Hempstead Town Council, District 6

Judi Bosworth

North Hempstead Town Supervisor

Wayne Wink

North Hempstead Town Clerk

Jerry Vattamala

North Hempstead Town Council, District 3

Lee Seeman

North Hempstead Town Council, District 5

Scott Mandel

Long Beach City Council

Chumi Diamond

Long Beach City Council

Tim Tenke

Glen Cove Mayor

Andrew Bennett

Glen Cove City Council

Tim Sini

Suffolk County District Attorney

Bridget Fleming

Suffolk County Legislature, 2nd District

Rudy Sunderman

Suffolk County Legislature, 3rd District

Kara Hahn

Suffolk County Legislature, 5th District

Sarah Anker

Suffolk County Legislature, 6th District

Rob Calarco

Suffolk County Legislature, 7th District

Bill Lindsay III

Suffolk County Legislature, 8th District

Monica Martinez

Suffolk County Legislature, 9th District

Tom Cilmi

Suffolk County Legislature, 10th District

Kevin Hyms

Suffolk County Legislature, 12th District

Claire McKeon

Suffolk County Legislature, 14th District

DuWayne Gregory

Suffolk County Legislature, 15th District

Susan Berland

Suffolk County Legislature, 16th District

William ``Doc`` Spencer

Suffolk County Legislature, 18th District

Rich Schaffer

Babylon Town Supervisor

Jack Harrington

Brookhaven Town Supervisor

Donna Lent

Brookhaven Town Clerk

Valerie Cartright

Brookhaven Town Council, 1st District

Mike Goodman

Brookhaven Town Council, 2nd District

Dan Polner

Brookhaven Town Council, 4th District

Neil Foley

Brookhaven Town Council, 5th District

Manny Vilar

East Hampton Town Supervisor

Paul Giardina

East Hampton Town Council

Jerry Larsen

East Hampton Town Council

Tracey Edwards

Huntington Town Supervisor

Mark Cuthbertson

Huntington Town Council

Emily Rogan

Huntington Town Council

Sam Gonzalez

Islip Town Council

Jason Fenley

Islip Town Council

Michele Lynch

Riverhead Town Council